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          Chikmagalur planning Authority was constituted in the year 1988 having jurisdiction over the Chikmagalur Local Planning Area. The Karnataka Town and country planning Act 1961 provides for the regulation of planned growth of land use development and execution of planning schemes The Act also provides for the preparation of Master plan for local planning area.

          The District planning unit of the department of Town Planning was established by the Karnataka Government at Chikmagalur vide G.O No. HMA : 60 : TTP : 77, dated 12 August 1977. Planning unit prepared the ground work necessary to declare the local planning area for the city and has been providing the technical assistance in regard to planning and regulation.

          Chikmagalur city and environ was brought under the preview of Karnataka Town and country planning Act 1961 by declaring local planning area for Chikmagalur vide G.O No. HUD : 417 : TTP : 88/II dated:20th April 1989. The branch office of the department of town planning at Chikmagalur prepared a draft outline development plan for Chikmagalur City after conducting necessary physical and socio – economic surveys. The planning Authority finalized the outline development plan, as required under the act and got final approval to it in G.O No. HUD/363/TTP/84 dated 24-08-84.

          Government, promulgated the provision of the Karnataka Urban development Authority Act 1987 to Chikmagalur City and environs in its order dated 02-06-1988 and constituted and Urban development Authority vide G.O No. HUD 181 TTP (iv)for Chikmagalur local planning area, duly amalgamating the city planning authority and the city improvement board.

          Chikmagalur, overlooking the Baba Budan Mountains, is situated in the southwestern part of Karnataka with the Western Ghats forming a natural boundary. The Chikmagalur Town is situated in 13-19’-36” N-Lat. And 75- 46’-45”E. Long.

          Large parts of the district are endowed with dense Forests. As many as seven rivers originate in this District: of these the tunga and the Badhra are the principal rivers. The terrain is beautiful – full with scenic surprises – lofty peaks, hill stations, trekking trails, cascading waterfalls, sacred shrines and slopes that are studded with coffee plantations – the origin of which is believed to belong to the seven seeds of coffee smuggled in by Baba Budan from Yemen in the 1600’s. Chikmagalur is one of India’s principal coffee growing areas.

          Chikmagalur district 200 Km (124 miles) north of Bangalore, dramatically positioned at the base of a rugged chain of hills, this town rose to prominence as an outpost of the Vijayanagar Empire. Later, in the 17th-18th centuries, it became the head-quarters of a line of local chiefs known as Beads, until it was occupied by haider Ali in 1799 and then by the British. The fort, defined by walls of huge granite blocks, rises striking granite boulders. There are several small temples here, as well as a number of ceremonial gateways erected by the beads. The platforms and pavilions within the compound of the sampige siddeswara Tmple mark the spot where the Beads were crowned. The remains of rubble and mud built granaries and residences, and a large circular well can be seen nearby.

          Chikmagalur is considered to be the place of origin and the early reign of the Hoysalas – who held sway in the south for more than two centuries – later, the region fell into the hands of Hyder Ali & onto his son Tippu Sultan. After the fall of Tippu in 1799, the entire area was taken over by the British – and the area was known as kadur, later on it was changed to Chikmagalur district. Chikmagalur, literally means the youngest daughter’s town – as it was the dowry for the youngest daughter of Rukamangada, the chief of Sakrepatna.

          Since inception Chikmagalur Urban Development Authority has allotted 2065 residential sites to the individuals for construction of houses. In addition 23 civic amenity sites have been given for various public uses to various Organizations according to needs of the locality.

Vision and mission of CUDA

          Plan, regulate, control, monitor and facilitate urba.n development in Chikmagalur Local planning area, to ensure sustainable and orderly growth. To transform Chikmagalur Urban area with high quality infrastructure by a participative and innovative process and effective monitoring and regulations.